A252 road closure, Challock Roundabout

Hi Ms Sandy,

In response to your email below regarding the scheduling of the works.

The dates and works requirement have changed owing to a number of reasons including merging programs between two sub-contractors and snags on the works. The works so far has caused a lot of disruption and its felt that using day time closures will help speed up the activities.

Traffic Management
In general, I have identified Shottenden Road and Pested Lane as likely rat-run routes when the resurfacing works is carried out at Knockwood Lane and Pound Lane. It will be difficult without a full lane closure to manage traffic wanting to exit onto the A251 from the A252 or vice versa.

Pested Lane - The proposal discussed with our site agent, is to have a manned one-way barrier at the Pested Lane / A251 junction to allow exiting traffic onto the A251. This will mean residents will have to use the designated diversion route around Ashford using the A28 to access their properties.

On the day of the switch over I will be in attendance to review the traffic flows and if we need to make any further alterations. It is particularly difficult to monitor every vehicle using the diversion route and I am really surprised how determined some of the people using these routes are to disobeying signs and barriers.

Happy to discuss any particular issue raised by local residents arising from these works.



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