Challock Lees Rewilding Project 2021

About the Lees Rewilding project

We are delighted to inform all residents of Challock that following a number of representations from local Parishioners, our Parish Council have agreed to trial a number of areas on the Lees for natural re-wilding and for the project group to work with the primary school on the wildflower border proposed by the parish council.

Our project team will ensure that these areas are maintained in a tidy state.

The areas for natural development will not impact on any of the current activities that take place on the Lees. The areas have purposely been selected on the perimeter rather than through the central green expanse.

The benefits are many but… it will take time to develop this managed but natural habitat over the next few years.
We hope that the Lees will continue to be a place for all, as it is now, but with a richer flora and fauna to enhance what is one of the most important and central features of the village.
Regards: The Lees Re-Wilding Project Group

Here are the locations of each section of the Lees that will be rewilded:

Our gallery

Rewilding Gallery Slides

Challock PC, The Rewilding Team, Challock Primary Year 4 Eco Team & Anthony in action!

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