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19th January 2017 Forester Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes

19 January 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Members of public present: 0







Tina Colbourn (Clerk to Molash P.C), Emma Fox (Challock P.C)








Annabelle Burden (Challock P.C), Sarah Williams (Molash P.C), Mick Maidens (Forester Editor) & Dianne Sandy (Challock P.C Clerk).








Annabel Burden welcomed everyone to Forester Sub-Committee Meeting   




Minutes of Last Forester Sub-Committee Meeting




Minutes of 22nd September 2016 meeting were signed by Annabel Burden as an accurate record.




Forester – Clerk’s Report




The Clerk read out the following report:-




As discussed at the Forester Sub-Committee Meeting September it was agreed to increase the advertising costs for a trial basis.


The advertising costs are:


A5 Full Page Colour £240


A5 Full Page £200


A5 ½ Page £110


A5 ¼ Page £60


Free advertising is granted to Mick Maidens as Editor of the Forester, the Barn Shop as they provide a central place to hold the village magazines for the volunteer distributers to collect and the Post Office as their premises are used for holding correspondence for The Forester.


To date 3 advertisers were happy to renew and pay the increase on ½ page advertising.  We had one advertiser who did not renew their ½ page.


Receipts to date in advertising for 2016/17 £2,252.00; it is forecast to total £2, 600.


See table below of printing costs, advertising revenue & Molash contributions from 2007 to date.


Financial Year Advertising Revenue Molash Contribution Printing Costs
2007/08 2704 567 2457
2008/09 3310 414 1860
2009/10 3454 484 2576
2010/11 3952 463 2560
2011/12 2770 465 2560
2012/13 3073 491 2165
2013/14 3324 526 2834
2014/15 3326 526 1792
2015/16 2680 485 2140
2016/17 2700 Estimate 425 Actual 2140 estimate




Advertising is in decline from 3,200 to last 2 years at 2, 700.  Estimated Molash contribution for 2017/18 will be £477.00


When calculating Molash contributions figures are based on a projected Advertising Revenue forecast.


With the increase in advertising costs estimated revenue by 1st April 2018 – £2800.  Hopefully new advertisers may increase the revenue too.


Review/Update Advertising & Costs




Discussion took place regarding ratio of advertising in the Forester. Mick informed the sub-committee that the current advertising ratio is 30/70 and in order to break even the ratio needs to be 40/60 5 pages of advertising ideally ¼ page advertising.




Sarah suggested fixing yearly invoicing i.e. January.  It was agreed this would create a lot of admin for the Clerk.  Clerk commented that January is a busy time as the budget has to be set.






Sarah asked the sub-committee to consider increasing the ¼ page advertisements to £65.00. It was agreed not to at this point in time.




Discussion took place on how to generate more advertising revenue.




It was agreed to look at options to generate publicity and to approach local businesses both in Challock and Molash of the benefits of advertising in the Forester. Possibly through Challock Chatter.  To look further with large businesses i.e. estate agents, solicitors.




Mick proposed to do a feature on food places that deliver take-away food.  By doing this feature may be able to encourage the food places to advertise.




Annabel suggested the new Thai restaurant in Ashford may consider advertising in the Forester.




Sarah requested if the diary of events can include the 1st week of the following month be included in the Forester.  Mick agreed to action this.




Sarah requested if the sale of calendars can be put in the Forester replacing the cookery book as supplies have now been exhausted.




It was also noted for Molash ABC Ward Councillor Stephen Dehnel plus telephone number be listed in the Forester.  Mick agreed to action.




Meeting Closed 7.00 pm.




Date of next meeting




The next Forester Sub-Committee Meeting to be arranged for April 2017 date to be advised.


19 January 2017
6:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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Audrey Allen Room
Memorial Hall
Challock, Kent TN25 4AU United Kingdom