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Parish Meeting 15th October 2020 Virtual Minutes

15 October 2020 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Virtual Event

Challock Parish Council Virtual Minutes

Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday, 15th October 2020, 7.32 pm

Members of public present: 2


ABC Downs West Ward Councillor Larry Krause


Michael Fisher (Chairman), Tracy Brown, Anthony Aitken, Duncan Hardie, John Ramsden, Max Thomas Russell Jaques (Vice-Chairman) & Di Sandy (Clerk). 


Michael Fisher thanked everyone for attending. 

Declarations of Interest

Councillors’ no new changes to the declarations of interest. 


Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of 17th September 2020 meeting were signed by Chairman as an accurate record.

Proposed by Councillor Thomas and seconded by Councillor Aitken

All agreed.

Aaron Newell PCSO Monthly Report

No monthly report from Aaron Newell have been received.

Clerk’s Report



Bus Shelters – one of the panes was shattered.  Grounds man has cleared away glass debris and replaced glass pane.

Reported overgrown vegetation and narrowing of footpath, Buck Street to Highways.  This is under investigation by Highways.

Clerk to produce report on condition of Blind Lane, Monkery Lane & Pested Lane post A252 Road Improvement Works. 

Clerk reported damage/loose tarmac at the layby adjacent to The Bungalow, Blind Lane

Clerk reported dangerous Ash tree adjacent to Burlington House, Canterbury Road. Reference 529093.

Clerk to arrange a Village Highways Inspection.  

PROW – Public Rights of Way

Clerk has reported broken glass at PROW AE96 the Beeches and overgrown vegetation PROW AE86 Old Vicarage, Canterbury Road.

Play Park

The grounds man has replaced 2 wooden rails on the fence, adjacent to gate entrance.  

Further to the decommissioning of the toddler, junior & activity rope climber, the clerk has applied for Awards for All – Big Lottery funding for £10,000 towards replacing playpark equipment.  

Weekly sanitization of play park equipment and refill hand sanitizer pump is continuing for the time being. 


  • Received an email from ABC urging residents to download the NHS Covid 19 App.
  • Received an email from parishioner concerning parish council decision on planning application 4 Clevedon Court for a summerhouse.
  • Received an email from ABC giving notification of request for parishes expenditure budget will be required by 11th January 2021.  
  • Received an email from ABC Planning & Development notification from Natural England in respect of the nationally and internationally designated protected sites at

Stodmarsh lakes, east of Canterbury. This relates to an increased level of nitrates and

phosphates within the protected sites which is adversely affecting the integrity of the

habitat of the lakes. In line with established caselaw and the ‘precautionary principle’, Natural England are advising that planning applications for certain types of development within the Stour river catchment and / or which discharge to particular Wastewater Treatment works within the catchment should be the subject of screening under the Habitat Regulations and, consequently, the undertaking of an Appropriate Assessment prior to any decision to grant planning permission. We are writing to inform you that this issue will affect planning applications within your Parish. The Council has published a statement on its website https://www.ashford.gov.uk/habitat-regulations-assessment.

  • An email from ABC inviting the parish council to participate in the Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 consultation by the consultation manager, Harriet Turner. This consultation is open from 28 Sep 2020 at 09:00 to 6 Nov 2020 at 17:00
  • An email from NALC regarding Power for People; a Parliamentary debate to be held next week on the Local Electricity Bill. If community renewable energy is something that the parish council is looking to do then we would encourage you to contact your MP and ask them to support the Bill.

Matters arising from correspondence

The Chairman has responded to the parishioner concerning the parish council’s decision on 4 Clevedon Court application.   

The Lees

  • 2nd Lands – Trees 

The Parish Council agreed to wait until UK Power Networks have carried out safety maintenance on the overgrown vegetation covering the electric wires before proceeding with the removal of the conifer and large tree.   

  • Securing the Lees Bollards 

Received quotation from Landscape Services for all three areas £24,630.  Awaiting a further two quotations from Andrew Lamb, Gypsy Sites Solutions Consultant, and the Grounds man. The Parish Council agreed to a survey of the Lees to be carried out by Andrew Lamb, Gypsy Sites Solutions Consultant at £545. 

  1. Wildflower borders 

Received a request from a parishioner consider creating flower borders along Green Lane verge and the Lees verges.  Last year July’s minutes it was decided to further investigate the costs of implementing a wildflower section on the Lees.  Clerk has made enquiries depending on the sqm of area recommend 3g/sqm.  1kg of wildflower seed £125.  The area would need to be scarified, removing most of the grass.  Quite a lot of work involved scarifying the area.  A great idea to perhaps involve the primary school in spreading the seeds. Look to budget for costs in precept in January and for implementation in spring/autumn 2021.  Grounds man suggests trialing a smaller flower bed i.e.10ft x 10ft this autumn.  

The parish council resolved due to the current pandemic to consider wildflower borders next year. 

Cricket Ground:

  • Bridal Gates 

Councillors approved the commencement of works to install bridal gates at the bottom of the cricket ground. 

  1. Footpath 

Further to previous parish meeting and parishioner’s concern for lack of footpath along Blind Lane.  Chairman Fisher suggested installing a footpath along the edge of the cricket ground. As the ground is leased to the cricket club, we would need to obtain permission and a new lease drawn up detailing liability and maintenance responsibilities. The cost of the Lees walking school footpath was £10,609.00 in 2009.  Today, the cost would likely be in the region of £25,000.  There is an outstanding foot path request to be installed outside the Chequers.  The Parish Council agreed for the Clerk to seek funding for both projects.  

Post Office 

Clerk has been liaising with Angela Puxted Challock Post Office and Samantha Coe, Change Manager, Post Office Ltd with regards to setting up a pop-up post office service. Mrs Puxted has kindly agreed to allowing the use of the post office counter inside the shop for the pop-up service.  Samantha is currently organising for a postmaster to do the pop-up service in Challock, Egerton, Doddington & Leaveland.  The pop-up service in Challock would be for a couple of hours per week.  Councillors agreed the pop-up service for a couple of hours per week would not be sufficient and need to consider other options to try and keep the post office running for an interim period.  Clerk to liaise with Sam Coe and Angela Puxted.

Councillor Ramsden informed the Parish Council of a possible enquiry from the Halfway Restaurant taken on the franchise from their premises.  


The current account balance on 30th September 2020 is £22652.50

Received second half of precept from Ashford Borough Council £10334.50

Received easement £2,000 from Plot 3.  Outstanding easement for Plot 4 remains.  Girlings Solicitors have been chasing.  

Councillors agreed to move £8,000 to NI Savings.  The monies are ring-fenced for helping with costs in securing the Lees and planning consultant fees for High Tree Lodge planning application.

The NS&I account balance is £11,919.45

William Oure Charity £3945.85


20/01296/AS – 3 The Lilybuds, The Lees, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4DH
Construction of a single detached dwelling (Plot 3) and detached garaging (revision to garage design as approved under planning permission 15/01100/AS)

Challock Parish Council supports this application.

20/01675/AS (Appeal) – Oak Apple Cottage, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DF

Proposed new dwelling together with garage PC’s Original Comments -Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbour’s views are taken into consideration. Comments received concerns of congestion with car parking

Challock Parish Council agreed to no new changes to comments previously made. 

20/01292/AS – Swanlees Cottage, The Lees, Church Lane, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4DE  

Oak cart barn in front garden.

The oak cart barn would be in keeping.  Challock Parish Council supports this application.  

20/01346/AS – Green Lane Farmhouse, Green Lane, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BL  

Replacement driveway and well head.  

The driveway and new well head will improve the area.  Challock Parish Council supports this application.

Tree Application – Information only.

20/00206/TP – Grass verge outside The Old Vicarage, Canterbury Road, Challock, Kent
T1 – Large Chestnut tree to be felled to ground level. Timber to be stacked in woodland T2 – Large Multisteam chestnut tree to be felled to ground level. Timber to be stacked in woodland T3 – Dead Ash tree to fell to ground level G4 – Hornbeam to crown lift to 5.5 meters and remove the leaning sweet chestnut steam. to be combined with G5 – To crown lift the row of trees to 5.5 meters. All this work is to be carried out as tree safety management as a number of these trees are over properties

The Parish Council agreed the trees were causing a safety concern and needed to be felled.

Ratification of Planning Applications

There were no planning applications to ratify.

High Tree Lodge Planning Application – Consultant 

As agreed at the parish meeting in July approval to employ professional input to ring fence £2,000 towards hiring a planning consultant to advise the parish council on the High Tree Lodge application.  Clerk contacted KALC and Clive Powell Legal Adviser has referred our enquiry to their planning consultant Flo Churchill. An initial telephone conversation to take place this week.  


Items for Information

A252 Safer Road Improvements – the recent works has nearly been completed.  There was disruption caused to residents living in Blind Lane and Pested Lane. Clerk liaised with the parishioners in Pested Lane and Highways, project Manager to help limit the disruption expected and to enable businesses and key workers to access Pested Lane. Clerk is in the process of drafting a report to Highways detailing damage caused to the lanes.   

The Parish Council agreed for the Clerk to contact Highways to raise concern of no speed limit signs in place which is resulting in traffic speeding across the roundabout. Clerk to request for an update and raise safety concerns. 

Speed watch – Clerk has completed speed watch training and is waiting for the Speed watch Manager to arrange initial speed watch session.  

Community Litter Pick – Clerk and parishioner carried out a litter pick on Sunday, 20th September.  The litter pick was advertised on notice boards and the website.  The clerk mentioned the litter pick on Challock Chatter at last minute.  The clerk would like to thank the parishioner and their daughter who came out and helped. We collected three bags of rubbish mainly picked along Buck Street, Blind Lane, and footpath by the Beeches.  The Parish Council would like to thank parishioners who carried out their own litter pick.

Remembrance Service Sunday 9th November – The newly appointed vicar has offered to conduct service at the memorial on Tuesday, 11th November 2020.  The Parish Council agreed for the Clerk to request for the vicar to carry out the remembrance service on Tuesday, 11th November at 11 am.  


Councillor Ramsden requested for a message to be placed on Challock Chatter and Parish Council Facebook page informing parishioners of the post office closure, but the stores will continue to stay open selling groceries, tobacco, and newspapers etc.  

Councillor Ramsden requested for the clerk to send letters to residents at Church Lane requesting if they can cut back hedge to boundary along footpath.  

Clerk received a request from parishioner on changing the location of the cherry tree.  The parishioner has asked if the cherry tree could be planted at either near the war memorial or in between the Lime trees, Church Lane.  

The parish council would not give permission for the cherry tree to be planted on the Lees area, near to the war memorial.  Did not want the memorial to be overshadowed.  The councillors commented the planting of the cherry tree in between the lime trees may receive objections from residents living close by.  The parish council agreed for the parishioner to re-consider other locations on the Lees. 

Parish Forum

Parishioner enquired about the two websites that appear to be running.  Clerk confirmed the Challock.org website will be decommissioned shortly and updated with a notice.

The meeting closed at 8.38 pm

Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2020

Next Zoom Parish Meeting Thursday, 19th November 2020

Future Parish Meeting Dates: 

To be advised at the parish meeting on the 19th November 2020. NALC is currently working with the Local Government Association and others to press for a continuation beyond May 2021 of the flexibility to hold remote council meetings.

Signed as a true record by: ……………………………Michael Fisher Chairman Challock Parish Council



15 October 2020
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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