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Parish Meeting 17th September 2020 Virtual Minutes

17 September 2020 @ 7:32 pm - 8:56 pm

Challock Parish Council Virtual Minutes


Memorial Hall, Audrey Allen room

Thursday, 17th September 2020, 7.32 pm


Members of public present: 4




Russell Jaques




Michael Fisher (Chairman), Tracy Brown, Anthony Aitken, Duncan Hardie, ABC Downs West Ward Councillor Larry Krause & Di Sandy (Clerk). 




Michael Fisher thanked everyone for attending. 


Declarations of Interest


Councillors no new changes to the declarations of interest. 


Minutes of Last Meeting


Minutes of 16th July 2020 meeting were signed by Chairman as an accurate record.


Proposed by Councillor Brown and seconded by Councillor Aitken.


All agreed.


Gliding Club Presentation 


Chairman Richard Schofield and Anne Ruglys gave a presentation on the proposed holding airspace over Challock.  The proposed holding airspace will be detrimental to the Gliding Club for safety and noise pollution as the airspace will be shared with general aviation and freight airplanes.  The Gliding club are is campaigning against the holding airspace and encourage the airspace in the Thames estuary to be used.  Anne Ruglys to email the Clerk with information on the proposal and objection to be placed in the forester.


Aaron Newell PCSO Monthly Report


I have continued to be out in the area and dealt with various reports and incidents.


There has recently been an increase in rural burglaries, especially to farms and outbuildings. Please take this opportunity to review your security. 


There has also been an increase in thefts from motor vehicles, with reports of catalytic convertors and number plates being stolen. Also, theft of a sheep trailer and the theft of 3 wheels from another trailer.

Please be mindful of security and any suspicious activity around vehicles.  Report all incidents of theft or suspicious behaviour to Kent Police.


There has recently been a large amount of criminal damage caused to vehicles in Wye. CCTV and other enquiries have been made. Police investigations are still ongoing.


Incidents of fraud are also starting to occur again. I will continue to patrol the area as much as possible and deal with any incidents. As always, I would like to remind readers to report any incidents of crime, anti-social behaviour, or nuisance vehicles either on 999/101 or on the Kent Police website. The more reports Kent Police receive the better we can deal with the incidents


Clerk’s Report




Clerk emailed Burlens Planning Consultants regarding construction workers parking their vehicles adjacent to Tectona Grandis, Canterbury Road.  Received complaints from parishioners of concerns of safety. 


Grounds man has trimmed hedge at Portucalea Gardens, Canterbury Road and dispose of vegetation 


Grounds man has strimmed and weed kill school foot way, Church Lane.


PROW – Public Rights of Way


Clerk reported Eastwell Footpath rubble.


Clerk discussed with PROW Officer outstanding issues.  Leaning fence and broken glass along footpath at the Beeches and barbed wire blocking access over stile, Great Pested Farm footpath.  


PROW Officer has inspected the problem and are working with the landowner/manager responsible to resolve the problem. We cannot specify how long this may take as we are working with a third party but will do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible. You will receive a further update when the work is complete. Additional Details The possibility of a diversion was discussed with one of the landowners. There is an alignment issue with the footpath through Great Pested but at the location of this issue on the map there is a field gate that was accessible. Where the footpath leaves the horse paddocks and enters an arable field the stile is out of repair and need attention, but no barbed wire obstruction was found.


Play Park


ROSPA Inspection has now been carried out and with four items being classed a medium risk.  The posts on the junior swing, toddler swing and climbing rope are showing signs of decay and de-stabilizing.  Recommend decommissioning all three pieces of equipment.  The Agility Slider recommends rounding off the concrete and top up with more bark.  Overall surface level of play park bark was low risk.  The report also recommends replacing part of the fence, wooden rail is showing signs of decay.  


Clerk has obtained quotations for replacement toddler and junior swing.  Toddler swing to be installed by Spring 2021 and to budget for replacement junior swing and rope climber activity during 2021/22.


Weekly sanitization of play park equipment and refill hand sanitizer pump is continuing for the time being.




  • Received an email from parishioner concerning disabled parking bays in the village hall car park.  Email has been forward to Village Hall Committee for their attention. 
  • Received an email from parishioners of Trees, The Lees requesting boundary information and offer to reinstate the driveway, this would consist of moving the side edging strips back to the original width, 50cm either side from the drive but leaving the tarmac finish to keep in a good state of repair.
  • Received an email from KALC informing the parish councils of Probation Service Community Pay Back Scheme where possible, offenders will be asked to carry out Community Payback in their local area. Examples include removal of graffiti, charity work, clearing wasteland and decorating public buildings – such as a community centre.  Clerk has emailed a request for the litter along White Hill and through Kings Wood along the A251 to be removed.
  • Received an email from ABC Planning regarding the Housing Delivery Test (HDT). This test measures the number of homes required (as prescribed by Government) over a three-year period against the number of homes delivered and calculates the result as a percentage. The latest HDT covers the monitoring years for Ashford borough from 2016/17 to 2018/19 and the results were published in February 2020.

Ashford scored an HDT result of 93%. Delivery performance of less than 95% requires a Housing Delivery Action Plan (HDAP) to be prepared by the planning authority. The main purpose of the HDAP is to better understand the nature and pattern of housing delivery across the borough, whilst encouraging the Council and local stakeholders, including housebuilders and developers, to better engage to potentially unlock barriers to housing delivery, if they exist. ABC’s Action Plan is published on their website.

  • Received an email from KALC reminding parish councils who have not yet held a council meeting since lockdown, that the 6-month rule still applies – disqualification of councillors who do not attend a meeting for 6 months.  Challock Parish Council have continued to hold remote (virtual) meetings during the pandemic.
  • Received an enquiry from a potential buyer for a property in Chapmans Close about land behind and whether it is protected. Clerk has replied to say the land in question is privately owned.
  • Received an email from NALC (National Association of Local Councils) press release of Government White Paper Planning for the Future.
  • Received an email from Gypsy Site Consultants offering services on prevention and unauthorised encampments.  
  • Received a telephone call from a parishioner concerning construction workers parking on the A252 (Tectona Grandis property).
  • An email from KCC regarding the waste removal centre at Ashford will be closing from 31st August and reopening on the 21st September.
  • Received an email from parishioners who have recently moved into the village and how they can be more involved in the local community and / or council. They are looking to modernised/renovate the property they have moved into and would welcome information and opportunity to discuss their plans.
  • Received an email from KCC – Kent Community Foundation (KCF) is administering a new hardship fund on behalf of Kent County Council, for families who are struggling financially at this current time. KCF can provide cash hardship grants to families direct, at the value of up to £500. This is aimed to help with either buying food or essential items for the home, or just to help pay the bills over the next few months (this excludes council tax/rent arrears).
  • Received email from KCC regarding encouraging parishes to consider installing assessable charging points for electric vehicles.  
  • Received email from NALC of Clerk’s salary rates for 2020/21.
  • Received an email from parishioner concerning the parking issue in Forest Cottages, Buck Street.
  • Received an email from Kent Gliding Club informing the parish council of the development proposal of Manston Airport which includes a holding area 1 km from the Kent Gliding Club airfield boundary. This will have a significant impact on the gliding club and aircraft safety, as well as impacting the villages and towns in the area. 
  • Received an email notifying the parish council of Have your say on policing and road safety. The short survey closes on the 30th September.  Clerk to complete survey.  
  • Received email from Girling’s notifying the parish council receipt of letter from Halletts regarding Trees driveway with proposed 2 options.
  • Received email from Richard King, Chairman Egerton Parish Council concerning our enquiry into pop-up post office and community asset.
  • An email from Samantha Coe, Change Manager, Post Office Ltd information on pop-up post office.  
  • Received a request from a parishioner to place a seat at the top of the Lees next to the agreed cherry tree to be planted adjacent to the wooded area. 
  • Received an email from parishioner concerning the recent traffic congestion in Church and Blind Lane and requesting for the Parish Council to consider asking parishioners to refrain from parking their vehicles on the road and use their driveways.  Parishioner asked if it is possible for some of the bank/hedge at the entrance to Blind Lane from Buck Street to be taken back so that vehicles turning into Blind Lane would be able to see oncoming cars and pedestrians.  Much has been documented about the A251 and the A252  with regards traffic pollution and safety  of the schoolchildren, but I have not  seen much evidence of the councillors concern for the fact that the children living along these roads will be travelling/ walking to our  village school and there is no continuous footpath in Blind Lane and Church Lane.
  • Received an email from parishioner concerning a conifer on the Lees boundary.
  • Received an email from parishioners concerning drainage problems along Canterbury Road.


Matters arising from correspondence 


  • Clerk has emailed Burlen Consultants (Tectona Grandis) requesting contractors to refrain from parking along the A252 and suggested they could park their vehicles at the layby in Green Lane.
  • Parish Council have given permission for a seat to be installed at the top end of the Lees, adjacent to wooded area.
  • The traffic congestion in Church and Blind lane should be relieved after the opening of the roundabout on 16th September, therefore not necessary to recommend parishioners to avoid parking their cars along Church Lane.  


Discussion took place regarding opening the hedge line up at the bottom of Blind Lane and creating a footpath inside the cricket ground along the hedge line.  Councillor Aitken to speak with the Cricket Club for their comments. It was agreed to discuss at the next parish meeting after further investigations.  


  • Clerk has given permission for the parishioner to arrange to remove the dead conifer. The conifer is likely to have been planted by previous property owners and not by the Parish Council. The Parish Council do not allow for shrubs, trees to be planted along the strips of Lees, though some parishioners have taken it upon themselves to do so in the past.
  • Clerk has reported the drainage problem to Highways. If the drain removes surface water from the road then it is a Highways issue.  Clerk will liaise with parishioners and Highways concerning this matter. 
  • Councillor Hardie asked if there is grants available for installing electric charging points.  This is an excellent idea.  Clerk confirmed there is a grant available and a share in the profits.


A252 Safer Road Improvements Scheme


The improvement works commenced on the 24th August 2020 and has caused severe disruption particularly over the period Friday, 4th September to 8th September where addition roadworks along Faversham Road, top of Charing Hill was closed. Week commencing 1st September Clerk had emailed Jamie Watson at Highways raising safety concerns along Church Lane/Blind Lane prior to the schools returning as Church Lane & Blind Lane were being used as a rat run and requested they sent out someone from Highways to assess/monitor the driving behaviour. On Tuesday, 9th September, the Clerk and Headteacher Mrs Sweet had a meeting with Alan Osouha Project Manager Highways to discuss the traffic problem.  He said he held his hands up to the issues with traffic in Blind Lane and admitted the problems were aspirated by the closure of the road at top of Charing Hill over the weekend and Monday. The damage along Blind Lane was discussed, and Alan said they would return to repair any damage caused once the improvement works have been completed.  He took photos of Mr Dodd’s layby where the tarmac has broken up in places.  Clerk to look at mains water pipe at the bottom of Blind Lane to check for damage.  Clerk will report any other damage caused by the increase traffic to Alan.  


The Parish Council have received a letter from Jamie Watson, Highways apologizing for the traffic problems the village has encountered.  The closure will remain in place until next Tuesday 15 September to allow additional resurfacing in this phase of the work to help reduce the closure time on the east side of the roundabout which will take place between 23 – 30 September.


From 16 September to 22 September there will be no road closures and work will continue through the use of 4-way temporary traffic lights which is not ideal at all but better than a road closure especially on A251.


Clerk reported to Jamie Watson of parishioners’ concern of the roadworks along Canterbury Road with priority signage.  The stretch of works is quite long which limits the sight lines, concerns of a possible collision.  Clerk has also reported drivers moving barriers to gain access onto the roundabout and speeding motorcycles along Buck Street.  


Alan Osouha responded – the dates and works requirement have changed owing to a number of reasons including merging programs between two sub-contractors and snags on the works. The works so far has caused a lot of disruption and it felt that using daytime closures will help speed up the activities.


Traffic Management


In general, I have identified Shottenden Road and Pested Lane as likely rat-run routes when the resurfacing works is carried out at Knockwood Lane and Pound Lane. It will be difficult without a full lane closure to manage traffic wanting to exit onto the A251 from the A252 or vice versa.


Pested Lane – The proposal discussed with our site agent, is to have a manned one-way barrier at the Pested Lane / A251 junction to allow exiting traffic onto the A251. This will mean residents will have to use the designated diversion route around Ashford using the A28 to access their properties.


On the day of the switch over I will be in attendance to review the traffic flows and if we need to make any further alterations. It is particularly difficult to monitor every vehicle using the diversion route and I am really surprised how determined some of the people using these routes are to disobeying signs and barriers.


Clerk has received further enquiries from parishioners concerning the one-way barrier at Pested Lane.  Clerk has emailed the following:


The Parish Council have received a number of concerns from parishioners who either live in Pested Lane or live in the village and have to access Pested Lane due to business, after school club or family care commitments on a daily basis.  


Parishioner Mr Lewellyn works in Pested Lane and is in and out with a tractor and machinery all the time. It is not viable for them to go round and use the A28. Firstly, it would take far too long as their tractor only goes about 20mph, secondly it would cost a fortune in wasted time. They are in and out all the time with deliveries/collections and their business is going to suffer because of this.


Parishioner Mrs Barton-Spiers is a carer to her elderly parents and visits them twice a day am and pm.  


Parishioner Mrs Martin operates an after school/breakfast club in Pested Lane, servicing the local primary school. Mrs Martin uses a minibus to take the children (15 children) to and from the primary school. 


Pested Lane is very narrow, has a poor road surface and would be very hazardous with an increase in traffic.


There are 2 entrances to Pested Lane along the A251 and one exit onto the A252.  Are the 2 entrances being manned and how can Highways assist the above parishioners.  As with Blind Lane, a one-way system was implemented but understandable parishioners were not adhering to it, this will happen with Pested Lane. Due to the nature of the Lane, could pose more of a hazard if not managed.


In response to our parishioners concerns the Parish Council wishes to thank you for implementing the stop/go signs along the Lees, Canterbury Road section.




Training to take place soon once the road improvement works have been completed.  


Faversham Road Footpath


Topography survey was carried out in August and waiting on outcome of the survey from Highways to the next stage.


Post Office 


The post office is currently up for sale.  In preparation that the Post Office may close the Clerk has made enquiries with Egerton Parish Council regarding their pop-up post office and community asset. Chairman Richard King from Egerton emailed the clerk to say Danny McBride at Ashford Borough Council can give information about how to register the post office as a community asset. It is not difficult. It is also useful to have your borough councillor onside, who should also be able to help.  Samantha Coe, Change Manager, Post Office Ltd has emailed the Clerk to say they can assist with a pop-up post office and would need premises to operate from i.e. village hall or church hall with Wi-Fi.  




Bank Reconciliation for July & August 2020 attached.


The current account balance on 31st August 2020 is £12,135.37


The NS&I account balance is £11,919.45


William Oure Charity £3945.85


Invoice error occurred with a payment of £47.99 being paid twice.  This has now been corrected with a credit of £47.99 entered.  


A standing order amendment was made in May to reduce the Clerks salary payment by 25.20.  The bank has confirmed a new standing order has been set up and yet to implement the new amount.  Clerk has credited the 25.20 in July & August.  Clerk has contacted Santander who assures the correct payment will be made in the future.   


Easements Plots 1 – 5 Lilybuds A further £2,000 has been lodged for Plot 3.  Parish Council has enquired when the final £2,000 will be lodged and receipt of completed deeds.  Our solicitor has contacted grantees solicitor putting them on notice that any additional fees we incur we expect to be paid by them.  


The Parish Council are awaiting on quotations for securing the Lees with either concrete bollards or wooden posts.  Quotation for a raised bank along part of the Lees is also being considered. Clerk has chased up quotations.


Trees – Driveway


On the advice of our solicitors the proposed Option 1 to enter in a new deed of easement is not acceptable.  It is the Council’s privilege to determine on what basis any easement should be granted, and we have a duty to our parishioners where appropriate to charge a fee. 


Option 2 the parish council are prepared to agree that the trespass be abated by the reduction along the driveway of its width by 50 cm each side and making good.  They will be required to confirm that they have restored the driveway to its original width which will address the question of trespass.   Required to discharge parish council costs in relation to this matter limited to a maximum of £1000.00 plus VAT.  




20/01193/AS – Rattle Hall, Buck Street, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4AR 

Single storey orangery on rear elevation


Challock Parish Council supports this application


20/01125/AS – 4 Clevedon Court, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BW

 Erection of summerhouse

Challock Parish Council supports this application


20/01067/AS – The Old Bakery, The Lees, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BP

Erection of outbuilding


Challock Parish Council supports this application


20/01124/AS – Crossways, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BJ

Demolition of conservatory and erection of orangery, replacement windows and       additional window to front elevation


Challock Parish Council supports this application


20/01123/AS – Crossways, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BJ  

Demolition of conservatory and erection of orangery, additional new gateway


Challock Parish Council supports this application.  


Ratification of Planning Applications


The following applications were ratified: –


20/00899/AS – Cedar House Farm, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DL

Double garage and art studio above to serve dwelling approved under 19/01321/AS

Comments:       Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.


20/00939/AS – Tectona Grandis, The Lees, Canterbury Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BP

Proposed replacement front boundary treatment, to include part boarded fence and brick entrance with sliding gates

Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.


20/00959/AS – Applewood Farm, Pested Lane, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BD

Erection of dwelling with associated ecological and landscape enhancements (revised scheme to Planning Permission 20/00238/AS) and erection of an Agricultural Barn (replacement building to that approved under a Deemed Consent 19/00771/AS) to switch the two approved buildings with each other.

Comments: Challock Parish Council does not support this application.  agricultural barns are being built everywhere and then turned into to new dwellings because of the current planning relaxation.

This in turn means that housing is being built where it would not be allowed under normal 

circumstances. There is another agricultural building on this site already. Is the plan to get this permission and then duplicate the same? i.e. another permission

for the existing barn to be turned in to a dwelling then ask for yet another barn. 

This could rapidly turn into quite a few houses under the current legislation.


20/00960/AS – Fair View, Faversham Road, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BQ

Two storey extension providing annexe, games room and double car port at ground floor level and two bedrooms at first floor level.

Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application. This planning application was approved approximately 7 years ago. The applicant was not in the position to proceed at that time, so the permission lapsed. Therefore, I have no objections.


20/00998/AS – Squids Gate Farm, Squids Gate Lane, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4DR

Roof and first floor extension to include dormer windows

Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application.


20/01045/AS – Austen House, Green Lane, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BL Erection of Front Porch; Single storey front & rear extensions

Comments: Challock Parish Council supports this application providing neighbours views are taken into consideration.


20/01060/AS – Fallowdene, Church Lane, Challock, Ashford, TN25 4DD

Erection of Replacement Garage

Comments:  Challock Parish Council supports this application.


High Tree Lodge Amended Plans


Parish Council sent comments regarding the amended plans. 


Planning for the Future Consultation


This consultation sets three measures that would come into operation under the current planning system, before the more radical overhaul of the planning system set out in the Planning White Paper.


  1. Change to the standard methodology for calculating housing needs – this is the overall housing figure that sets the baseline for the 5-year land supply and Housing Delivery Target.
  2. Delivering First Homes – introducing a mandatory new affordable housing tenure that will comprise 25% of all development and replace other forms of affordable sale housing.
  3. Replace Entry Level Exception Sites with First Homes Exception Sites, except in designated rural areas – these are areas designated under S157 of the 1985 Housing Act.  These only covers approx. 30% of parishes of 3K or fewer population).
  4. Proposal to raise the threshold that will trigger affordable housing contributions to 40 – 50 dwellings until the economy recovers from Covid-19 with a rural exemption in line with current policy.
  5. Extension of the Permission in Principle (PIP) consent regime to major development (sites of more than 10 dwellings) – including greenfield site.


Rural Implications


The consultation notes that the review will result in 76% of local housing need being focused in urban areas.  It is likely it will also lead to higher numbers in rural areas that currently and historically have experienced affordability issues – but this will be supressed to a degree by lower levels of existing housing stock.


Given the high house prices and low locally earned incomes the national price and income gaps will make First Homes unaffordable to many rural residents.  Helpfully there is the opportunity to reduce the discount and apply for lower price caps if there is evidence of the necessity and viability of these arrangements.


Approximately 70% of parishes of 3k or less population are not covered by this designation.  Given that First Homes command a higher land value it is likely that the supply of rural exception sites will fall.

Affordable housing thresholds change would mean that in approximately 70% of parishes of less than 3k population no affordable housing contributions would be required on sites of fewer than 40 – 50 dwellings.  Given that most development sites in rural areas are less than 10 dwellings this would mean that no affordable housing would be delivered in these communities.


Councillor Jaques and Clerk attended zoom KALC Area Committee Meeting on the 9th September.

The KALC meeting consists of representatives from parish councils and is chaired by a parish councillor.  A small number of representatives are on the committee.  


At the meeting, the planning consultation was discussed, several representatives have been researching the consultation and have drafted a document on issues raised.  Parish Councils have been requested to add any comments and support the document to be sent as a joint response on behalf of parish councils in Ashford Borough. 


Parish Councillors agreed to the proposed document to be sent on behalf of parish councils in Ashford Borough 


Noted.  Clerk has raised with KALC Area Committee Parish Council’s concerns of the Sevington Lorry Park and traffic using the A251 through Challock.  


Items for Information


Community Litter Pick – Clerk has arranged for a community litter pick to take place on Sunday, 20th September at 10 am for up to 6 people.  Litter pick equipment will be supplied.  To meet at the village hall.  If parishioners would like to do a litter pick on a different day, they can borrow the litter pick equipment and make a pledge on ABC’s website.  Details have been put up on the notice boards and Parish Council’s Facebook page.




Councillor Brown raised the condition of Monkery Lane.  Since the road improvements Monkery Lane has been used as a diversion and the condition of the Lane is in a very poor state with deep potholes.

Chairman Fisher commented that there have been campaigns in the pass requesting for the Lane to be resurfaced but Highways have rejected the request. 


Clerk to report to Highways of the potholes along Monkery Lane.


Parish Forum


Parishioners in attendance had no further comments.


The meeting closed at 8.56 pm


Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2020


Next Zoom Parish Meeting Thursday, 15th October 2020

Future Parish Meeting Dates: 


Thursday 19th November


Signed as a true record by: ……………………………Michael Fisher Chairman Challock Parish Council



17 September 2020
7:32 pm - 8:56 pm
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